VolumeBreaker procedurally breaks objects into smaller objects using a Voronoi algorithm.

New options in 6.4x and beyond include ShapeNoise and Clustering - which add complexity and distortion to the edges and faces of a particle mesh.

Additional good results can be achieved by changing the “VB Scale” input parameter to avoid the standard Voronoi chunk proportions.

The newly-created inner faces only contain UV Channel 1, even if the source object had mapping coordinates for UV 2 or above.

The new faces also share the same smoothing group, regardless of the face angles. (If you need to force smoothing groups then turn on Groups as Objects and apply a Smooth modifier to the VB fragment group (whatever it's called in your scene)). Forcing smoothing groups on VB frags is useful if using Groups as Objects with a TurboSmooth modifier applied to the groups (with the “Separate by:” using both Materials and Smoothing Groups).

You can birth VB cells and move some into a “dead” group and VB will ignore those