TP ScriptOperators (aka ScriptOps) are startup scripts that load when 3ds Max loads, and enables custom TP script operators that can perform user-defined functions in TP.

This allows for a great amount of creativity. Whatever we can program in Maxscript we can process with TP. Almost everything.

Installing TP ScriptOps means putting them in our 3ds Max "user startup scripts" directory. We can organize them into sub-directories as well. Upon startup, 3ds Max will load all of these files into memory so they are available for use.

For TP, this means we have special scriptOps available to help process and manipulate data and variables beyond the standard TP functions.

If we use a ScriptOp and send that .max file to someone else who does NOT have the ScriptOp, they will see a missing plugin warning and WILL NOT be able to process the TP system.

To open your user startup scripts directory, type this in the Maxscript Listener:

shellLaunch "explorer" (getDir #userstartupscripts)