Interesting Notes

Some interesting notes about TP:

Pre-cached single-frame caches

If you pre-cache geo and create a one-frame cache, those particles will ALWAYS have an Age of 1 (unless you then manually update it via some logic).

Cached SC properties

SC data per group is NOT cached, so for a post-cache you can switch neutron/active, voxel/edge, etc.

Caching and particle display

There is no speed difference simming on the farm if forcing Dots or Mesh (probably because no redraw during sim (no GUI update)).

Analyze slowness and watch for TP scriptOps, especially those with heavy viewport interaction.

Cache locally whenever possible. Caching sims should only be done to drive letters, not network paths (e.g. \\server\caches). Network paths will be slow - map the path to a drive letter.