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FastCutter is an artistic mesh-cutting for 3ds Max, developed in 2006 and 2007 to help the hand-cutting of thousands of pieces of geometry in the road destruction sequence for "2012". Since that time it has been used in dozens of Hollywood films and other independent projects.

The beauty of FastCutter is its speed and artistic control - the cuts are applied exactly as you draw them and there is an "auto-cut" mode to quickly apply the cut after drawing.

It works by hand-drawing "cutting splines" that are extruded and applying noise modifiers, and includes various other options and an Undo function.

It can cut multiple objects at once and there is an option to update the noise parameter per cut-object for a nice staggered offset cut appearance.

FastCutter works especially well with Thinking Particles for destruction shots, and can also be used for creative mesh modeling.

*Note that some features shown in demonstration videos include unreleased features that are in development.

To see the current feature set go to this Documentation page

Pre-Release Demonstration: