How to load caches and .mat to earlier Max versions

I have a TP cache saved in Max2016.

When I try to load same cache in Max2014 and older TP version, Max complains about not being able to read .mat file. Any workaround for this?

Yes, you`re right. Actually I was trying to load cache into empty dynamicSet. Cache loads but materials don`t. Erasing matlib from folder enabled me to write it again, but since there was nothing to build new materials from, max wrote just plain default TP material.


1. Cache your sim in max2016. This writes matlib with cache.

2. In a new scene create a sphere, name it Thinking001 and assign material from cache matlib.

3. Save sphere as max2014 version.

4. Now you can delete matlib from folder since the material is stored with sphere you just exported. Remember the name of the matlib.

5. Load sphere in max2014. Open material browser, create new material library and put in it material of the sphere. Save matlib with same name as matlib you deleted.

6. Create TP, create empty dynamicSet, load cache.