FastCutter Pro is licensed to a single MAC address.

Once you purchase FastCutter Pro you will download the "" file.

Unzip this file, and then run or drag & drop the .mse file into 3ds Max to run it.

Fill out the form completely.


Choose the network interface card (NIC) that FastCutter Pro will be bound to.

This cannot be changed later, so be sure to pick the correct one.

Click the "Generate License Request" button

This creates a file named "FastCutterPro_Request_xxxxxxxx.txt"

Email this file to

Requests are normally processed within 24 hours. Thank-you for your patience.

You will receive an email containing an .mzp installer.

Run this .mzp script or drag & drop it into 3ds Max to run the FastCutter Pro Installer

The installer copies a folder called "Machine3D" into your $userscripts directory

$userscripts are configured in 3ds Max under Customize \ Configure System Paths \ Additional Scripts

The installer also adds user macros that can be configured in Customize \ Customize User Interface

FastCutter Pro macros are found under the Category named "Machine3D"

You can assign keyboard shortcuts or add FastCutter to a quad or file menu.

Alternatively, you can run the FastCutterPro script directly by choosing Scripting \ Run Script and running the file FastCutte_Pro.mse found in the Machine3D scripts folder.